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Changed Lives

Finding True Joy

As a successful doctor with an amazing family, Liz still felt completely empty and hopeless. Hear how Liz found the secret to ultimate joy and contentment.


How Can We Know God?

As humans, we are used to believing in what we can see with our eyes and touch with our hands. We have relationships with friends, parents, siblings, and others we can see, high-five, hug, and more. These are the things that are real to us.


Hitting Rock Bottom

At age 16, Jack completely lost interest in attending church, so he just stopped going. As he walked away from God, his life went off the rails and he ultimately ended up in jail. How could God accept him back?


Does God Heal Our Pain?

Jo Saxton remembers the day she opened the door to a complete stranger who turned out to be her father. Could reconciliation be possible amidst such pain and betrayal?


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