Hurt by judgment?

He shows compassion.

Thousands of years ago, Jesus ran into a woman at a local well while traveling through the region of Samaria. She was surprised when he asked her for a drink of water, because Jews and Samaritans didn’t get along in those days. Then, he began to tell her things about herself — that she had been married five times and wasn’t married to the man whom she lived with now. At that time, this women would have been seen as someone with questionable morals and would have been treated with contempt.

But, wait a moment! What if it turned out that she was unable to have children? What if those five husbands had left her not because she was a bad wife but because, through no fault of her own, she couldn’t give them children? What if she was living with another man because she was out of options and this was the only way to put a roof over her head? To survive?

Jesus sees us differently

The truth is, we can’t know another person’s life until we have walked in their shoes. You wouldn’t expect a total stranger to know what makes you tick, would you? Jesus does did not see that woman as others in Samaria did, nor does He see us the way that those around us do. He sees all of us – mind, body and soul. So when Jesus saw a woman scarred by her past, a woman who had lost hope, He approached her with compassion instead of the condemnation she was used to.

How he shows us love

We are all flawed. No matter what we do, we all fall short of the perfect nature of God. Only Jesus, the Son of God, is perfect. Jesus sees us from His Father’s perspective and loves us. How do we know He loves us? Two thousand years ago, Jesus said that, “There was no greater love than to lay down one’s life for their friends” and then He laid down His life for ours — crucified on the cross, trading His perfection for our imperfections. He died that we may live! Yet, God raised Jesus from death three days later to show that eternal life with Him awaits us, too. He is our loving, compassionate Father.

Jesus gave his life for our eternal salvation, so that even in the darkest of times we would have hope, knowing that in God we would always be able to find a light in the dark and rejoice in knowing that we are loved for exactly who we are; because God does not see a morally depraved woman living with a man outside of marriage, He sees through to the woman scarred by her past, who gave water to a Jewish passerby, not knowing He was the son of God.

Do you want to know Him?

You might be asking yourself, if, like the woman at the well, Jesus knows everything about me, the good and the bad, how can I accept His gift of eternal life? Why would he want me in heaven? We’ve all been there. It is hard to wrap your mind around the fact that God unconditionally and completely loves you. So much so that God was willing to sacrifice His son for you. If that’s a gift you would like to receive, pray something like this:

“Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God and that you died on the cross for me. Knowing all my flaws and sins, you still love me. I put my trust in you to be my Savior, the Lord of my life, knowing I don’t have to put on a different face for you. I am glad that you have come to be my compassionate guide forever. Thank you.”

Did you pray this prayer?